Tuesday 4 October 2022

JMRI & the PowerCab

One of the major reasons a modeller will invest in the NCE USB interface is the need to use JMRI. This is understandable as most decoders are beyond hand programming in the areas of functions mapping, speed curves not to mention sound.

One of the major issues is getting it to work on the laptop/PC. Firstly the USB interface will work correctly when windows get into sink with the NCE hardware.

Step 1

You must download the Silicon Labs driver, it is the only one that will work.

Step 2

You have to get windows to use it. If you have used any device that requires a UHART driver, windows will go out on the web [if online] and use anyone available, but most likely not the Silicon Labs Driver.

Step 3

Check your driver as shown below by right-clicking on the windows icon, then clicking on the device manager tab and opening the ports tab. You must use the Silicon Labs Driver listed if not there, delete the offending one and then install the silicon labs driver.


Type: Windows Drivers

Step 4

All the drivers are installed on demand, so check that there is no driver, then plug in the NCE USB when coupled to the PowerCab. The driver will load - repeat the process we started with to check that the Silicon Labs driver has been installed.

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