Monday 9 December 2019

44 Class

This blog covers the installation of an ESU decoder into the Train-o-Rama 44 class. The speaker used is a 1'' diameter QSI, but there is now an alternative to suit the factory speakers. 

Begin by removing both staff exchangers, this is done by simply sliding a screwdriver or similar under the side of the shell and extracting both staff exchangers, remove the couplers and then slip off the body. 

Note: the rear headlights are attached to the light board with two wires

Next, remove both speakers supplied by the manufacturer. Start by removing the black plastic lugs unscrew the retaining screw of the light board just enough to gain better access for the install. 

Place the lugs, screws, gaskets, and covers to one side. 

Next, remove the rear fan and cover. This is done by simply drilling the grey lug retaining the cap. Using a 2.0 mm drill or similar just spin with your finger till the grey lug is removed to the lid. 

Lever the cap away and store, we will not be reinstalling it. 

Cut both cables, install the brown speaker wire onto the lugs for the rear speaker as shown.  Drill a 1.5 mm hole thru the speaker and pass-thru wires, seal the speaker into the enclosure using PVA. Repeat where the cables exit the ring but do not get glue onto the speaker during this process. 

To fit the speaker to the existing cutout, apply a little contact adhesive to the edge of the enclosure and while wet fit to the enclosure to transfer a bit of the contact adhesive. Allow to tack off and then fit the speaker as shown opposite. 

Connect speaker wires at point A-B, and there is no specific order, then decoder speaker wires at the rear as shown.

Trim excess heat shrink at the rear of decoder this will ensure a better fit, best done with a sharp blade. The rear wall can also be removed to improve the available space is another decoder is used as it does not affect the final appearance.

Re-install the original factory speaker retainer as shown.

Retighten light board screws only after all wires and lugs are refitted. Now tape the decoder into position and plug into the 8 pin socket provided. 

The locomotive has 12 pin socket, make sure the plug is installed into the correct part of the socket [refer photo]. Fit jumper provided, note jumper wires must run across the locomotive. 

Note: This jumper links the front speaker to the decoder via the factory-supplied PCB

Place locomotive on the track and hit the assigned start button, your 44 will now spring into life. Once satisfied refit body, staff exchangers and couplers, set the locomotive address and its ready for service.