Tuesday 23 April 2019

Ixion 32 Class

This blog cove the installation of a Soundtraxx Tsunami with stay alive into the Ixion Class

This could be described as a relatively easy installation

Remove the tender, this is secured by three [3] clips located along both sides of the tender floor. The best method is to insert a single edge blade in the gap between the shell and floor and lever open the tender from both sides.

One removed to disconnect the plug to the rear marker lights and place the shell to one side

The installation required the addition of an 8 pin plug wired the NMRA standards and trimming the loom to about 30 mm long. 

Do not cut the yellow-green wire of the purple speaker wires.

Next, remove the factory speaker mount and trim off all the lugs. 

Dress the underside if the factory supplied board and fix to the tender floor using a cardboard insulator and contact cement - this is outlined in the instructions for the Wombat  30T.

Install to the image below, the speaker is fixed at the rear using contact cement leaving enough room for the Lasic small stay alive. This as also secured with a drop of contact cement thought blue tack would work

The decoder is installed on its side in a bed of blue tack.

To allow the shell to be re-fitted the internal weight need to be relocated into the coal bunker. The first task is to remove the lower lip on the underside to allow a neat coal load to be formed. The weight is glued providing an opening all the way around three [3] side again for the coal load.

Material Required

Soundtraxx TSU1000 Tusanimi 2 custom programmed by MRRC

MRRC Micro Boost Large

Lasic Small Stay Alive