Tuesday 28 May 2019

30 Class Tank Lighted

The Auscision 30 Class is also supplied in a lighted version and is tighter that the non lighted model blogged previously.tank has no real space for a sound decoder and thus has to be installed in the cab area. This conversion dose require use of small hand tools to complete the necessary modifications

Begin by removing the cab roof, this is clipped in at the front and rear and can be removed 
using a small blade screw driver, next separate the bunker extension located on the top of the coal bunker, these are mounted by a small moulded lug into the all metal coal bunker. 

To remove the coal bunker locate the two screws securing the bunker on the underside of the footplate, these are be removed with a small Phillips head screwdriver. Do not remove the screws under the side bunker

See photos for clarity, place the screws and bunker to one side.

With the parts separated modify the cab rear and bunker extension as shown below. A fine razor saw and file are required to complete this task. Remove the glazing before modifying the cab then mark the glazing from the cab and modify as required then reinstall with a small dot of contact cement.

CAB MODIFICATION - numbers are in mm
Note clips that secure the cab


The decoder loom is to long and we chose reduced the overall length to 30 mm - speaker wire should be 35 mm. 

Note: The MRRC will modify this with a charge at time of ordering. The location of the #1 pin [Orange wire] means that when soldering the wires to the plug that this be accommodated - see diagram opposite.

This is required to allow plug to be installed into the socket

The installation of the SoundTraxx Econami UK creates a number of issues over a ESU in that a capacitor is required and requires a edge port speaker to prevent crowding the cab area. The speaker used has a 6 ohm impedance and if the master volume and in particular the whistle a kept at about 2/3 maximum volume this will be OK.

The capacitor was fixed in the mouth of the firebox door and painted black after marking the negative [grey stripe] clearly. Glue with a dot of contact on the base ,set aside to dry.

Refer to blog on installing a ESU decoder into a non lighted 30 Class for additional information