Tuesday 25 February 2020

Coffee Pot

This is an intermediate skill installation with some function splitting.

The roof of the passenger carriage is removed using a fin X-Acto blade - it is retained by four [4] moulded in clips.

With the roof removed the factory-installed wiring and boards are exposed.

With this installation, two [2] speakers were installed. One a 0.75'' round was installed in the provided location under the passenger carriage covered by a black casting with some small holes.

The second was an ESU 16 x 25 installed under the cab roof, combined these gave a good spread of sound removing the possibility of the engine being perceived as being under the carriage.

There was two brown projection that had to be removed to allow the floor-mounted speaker to be fitted and these were removed with a pair of angled Xuron nippers.

Both speakers were wired in parallel and providing a final resistance of 12 ohms which is fins with the sound decoders selected.

The selected decoder was a Soundtraxx Econami UK with the whistle and chuff left on defaults and auto brake, cylinder cocks activated. The air compressor was activated, but not a dynamo for the headlight as these would have been an oil lamp or similar.

The lights used for these was a low brightness for the headlight and passenger carriage. Firebox flicker was used for the firebox and another low-intensity light for the passenger compartment.

An eight [8] pin plug was soldered to the wires supplied with the decoder and then a series of solder pads fixed with contact cement to allow the functions to be split up. 

A red LasicDCC LED light was fixed to the weight in the cab with the LED closest to the floor. These are complete and ready to use, so no resistors just connect to the green wire - FX3. This has the flickering firebox effect added.

Passenger Car Lights
The factory lights were reused but separated into FX4 to allow operator operation to separate it from the headlight.

Note location of orange wire.

Install solder pad into the corner shown then collect all the blue wires from the two compartments and vestibule onto that pad and then fit brown wire from FX4 - this places this output in control of the lights.

Positives/Stay Alive
All the positives for the lights were collected as shown and a single wire runs from the blue on the eight [8] pin plug to the pad.

A stay alive was installed to ensure smooth operation due to the limited pickup of this engine, in-fact all steam engines should have these fitted.

Overall it worked well